About Us


Who we are?…

Northeast Overland is a group of outdoor enthusiasts interested in overlanding, responsible 4-wheel drive activities, and the preservation of both. We pride ourselves in the use of Treadlightly! We are primarily located in Maine, which is in New England but are looking for more members throughout the Northeast and Canada. We are a group of people that are dedicated to using our vehicles as they were intended. This is a place to discuss building, modifying, outfitting and using your vehicle for your “away from home” adventures. It’s a community where members are encouraged to contribute to and benefit from the knowledge base and experiences of fellow outdoor enthusiast. Membership is not restricted, it is open to anybody that loves to recreate outdoors, or would like to but just can’t get away and would enjoy reading about others adventures.

Ready to explore with us or need more information? Contact us today and begin your adventure!